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There are so many companies offering their web development services on the Internet. Who can you trust with your website? What makes one company stand out from the others? It can be a real challenge to choose the right agency to work on your project.

This article will give you a short overview of key factors to consider when choosing a web development company. We’ll also see into deceptive advantages that attract clients’ attention while turning out to be overestimated in practice.

So, you’re going to hire a web development team. Let’s imagine you have a few agencies in mind. Their fancy websites are showing you their awards, IT certifications, modern office photos, boasting portfolio items, and other achievements. But what of these all really matters?

Crucial factors:

1. Proven experience
The first thing we’d recommend you to consider is proven competency in the required area of expertise. Be sure the company has been in the industry for several years and can prove it by showing their portfolio or providing samples of their past work. Reviewing their portfolio, try to see whether they have developed similar functionality needed to build your website, and find the evidence that they have long-term partnership with other clients. Apart from successfully launched websites, check other signs of competency: testimonials, regular content and tutorials publishing, product releases in marketplaces, leadership in the specific area. If an agency is proud of its past work and always happy to demonstrate it or even describe the process, that’s a nice reason to hire its team.

2. Thoughtful planning
The second important factor is the ability to make a step-by-step plan. Every serious project should have a defined aim, timeframe, and plan. Some agencies consider planning process as wasting of time, they try to proceed as soon as they get the contract. Clients should stay away from developers who discuss projects briefly, never ask for clarifications, additional details, and estimate their work too quickly. Trustworthy agencies openly discuss all the steps the project will actually require. Such an approach gives clients the following benefits:
The ability to select an agency which provided the most efficient and cost-effective plan;
Assurance that the company has done similar work so many times that can easily divide the project into consistent parts and follow them;
It gives the general understanding of the work process;
It helps thoroughly define timing and budget;
The ability to monitor the deadlines, check and test the completed parts;
How the company deals with planning indicates the workflow of the whole project. At BestWebSoft we always ask our clients to provide all the necessary details to fully understand their expectations and only after that, we make a plan.

3. Team members
Constant communication and collaboration between team members are important components of every successful project. That’s why it is better to find the agency which offers both development and design services. One team will work together on your website so its appearance and functionality meet your requirements.
Some clients want to interview all team members before hiring them, however, it isn’t necessary. The only person who should be in touch is a project manager. PM is responsible for taking client’s idea and vision, organize the whole team, find the best solution and be the client’s eyes and ears.

4. Project price
Quality web development services are not cheap. While choosing a company, ask them to provide the quote, then weigh their price and reliability to make the right decision. Don’t let the lowest quote tempt you as we always get what we pay for. Hiring low-rated designers and developers, you run the risk of necessity to find another team to troubleshoot emerging issues and therefore pay twice.

So, the most important thing to consider when hiring a web development company is proven experience. The other main factors are the ability to plan work process, efficient collaboration between team members and reasonable price. Now we’re going to highlight some factors which seem to be important but actually aren’t.

Unimportant factors:

1. Office location and interior
It’s funny that in the 21st century some clients choose an agency only because it is located near them. The internet enables us to connect with people from all over the world but some entrepreneurs still select the nearest companies. What for? To come to their office and shout at them when they do something wrong? It is better to hire a responsible agency located in the other part of the world and you won’t need to scold them. The same is with office interior. Do you really think that chill-out zone, meditation room, nap pods, and other workspace trends help the staff work effectively? However, if an agency has a good reputation, their working conditions shouldn’t bother you.

2. Awards and certifications
Awards and certifications represent developers’ relevance within the industry. Unfortunately, most of them have low standards and almost everyone can get (buy) them. So don’t believe that awards or certifications guarantee that their owners are really the best performers in your required area.

Hiring the right web development agency is a very important decision that shouldn’t be taken quickly and without weighing the pros and cons. To find a reliable company, focus on the factors that really matter.

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