Key Points

This is not the first time we create design for Matt Fitzgerald, one of our good clients. The first time it was superfood smoothies website and social media design and now we work together on a new brand called Vital Paws. The company offers fantastic superfood supplements for 75 dog breeds! The supplements approved and recommended by veterinarians, grain free and taste really good (don’t ask how do I know – a little dog told me.)

Anyway, we’ve designed a website, social media images, labels for all dog breeds and even developed 3D models for products offered by the brand to display all variety of products and present advantages to customers. Keep reading to see the details.


Creative process

It took us several shots but we eventually, created labels that meet all US labels standards. Labels must fit the general brand design, contain a lot of useful information, barcode, and ingredients. At the same time, the text should be easy-to-read and, generally, appeal to customers. Beside the labels to be stuck to cans, we’ve designed small labels for trail poly bags.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Matt since he knows what he wants. He sends pretty clear instructions but he is open to ideas and our suggestions at the same time. Really inspiring.”

Anastasia, Project Manager


 Digital modeling

The best way to present a product on the site is to put high-quality images. To get high-res files you could either hire a professional photographer, find a studio, have images retouched or you could just hire us to create 3d models. This option provides so many advantages in comparison with regular photos!

  1. If afterward, you decide to have another view – we can simply render the cans we’ve created before and send you images during 24 hours.
  2. Numerous sets – put many cans together, mix them up.
  3. You can see the way the product is going to look before it’s produced and consider it as a prototype and maybe present it to investors or customers.


Interface creation

The website is very simple, light and engaging. We concentrated our attention on creating landing pages for every breed so the dog owner could go specifically to his dog breed and find all the info.

The text incorporated into blocks so that users could easily navigate the page, find interesting facts, read about ingredients added to biscuits and find out more about their dog. We’ve tried to make the ordering process simple and convenient so that users could see the flat price.

Our collaboration runs on and we work on social media items, catalogs, and other items. So to be continued…

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