Key Objectives

When you look at My Nutrition Advisor you’ll see that it’s not just a nutrition website. This is an entire ecosystem created by two brothers who found a way to build a great and healthy body and wanted to share this knowledge with the world. Healthy superfood products, useful recipes, and interesting videos can be found in one place!



The style supposed to be absolutely distinct and elegant to reflect the uniqueness of the brand. We used light background and green colors that match the image of health products.

Keeping welfare and healthiness as a fundamental value of the brand we:

  • designed the interface of the pages;
  • designed icons for health issues;
  • created social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • built design for PDF guides;
  • created print versions of the pages for people that want to keep useful info the website is full with.

“This was a beginning of a great partnership between Matt and our team. Day by day we built a new image of My Nutrition Advisor brand online and really enjoyed the process.”

Anastasia Nazarenko, Manager


Creative process

Simple elements and beautiful high-resolution photos are carefully timed for a butter-smooth visual experience.


Instagram & Facebook

Bright colorful photos of ingredients together with texting give users a great experience in creating healthy meals.

“I have not had much luck in getting quality offshoring graphic design. But I have been very happy with you. Onshore in America, it is very expensive to get a graphic designer. I also like how you were able to pickup my style and run with it. I know it wasn’t quite your preferred style, but you were able to adapt to my style and it has worked very well.”

Matt Fitzerald, Founder & Owner of My Nutrition Advisor

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