Mind Channel is a brand new company with a great business idea. It provides short educational videos for proactive people who want to instantly grow and improve themselves. You just need to choose the area you’re interested in (like Leadership, Personal Development, Time Management, Communication, Sales, etc.) and start your journey to the top. Now you can get education spending several minutes a day. And you can study anywhere you want – just take your phone and go for it!


Creative process

It’s a well-known fact that the thumbnail image is very important when talking about videos. That’s why we did our best to attract users’ attention. Numerous vector illustrations, bright colors, fun characters – instruments that helped us to build the fantastic branding and style. With all our heart we believe that Mind Channel has a potential to become Netflix of the online-education world.


Symbols and characters 

We needed to create bright, catchy designs with lots of icons and illustrations that give an idea about the themes described in the videos. At the same time, the cards should be unique, inimitable and bring the sense of the video hidden behind.


Material design in action

Our aim was to make web design look consistent with the brand so we decided to use material design style. An animated banner added to the top catches user’s eye and invites to scroll down and start a great journey to the great knowledge and stunning career. We wanted to emphasize advantages of the system so each benefit of the system described with flashy illustration.

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