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3D modeling accomplished via a special program that allows creating realistic models of any kind of production, adding special effects and filters. It will fit for owners who want to have high-quality images of their production with a minimum effort from their side.



We were provided with labels of the production including labels for cans, for small and large soft packages. The client wanted to redesign his current superfood packages and to see what the new design will look like in real. The photorealistic modeling allows seeing the real look of your product as if you ask a high-class photographer to make a photo of your product and retouch it. But the point is that if you don’t like your photo – you’ll need to hire photographer once again, pay for a studio, drive your products to that studio and wait until the images retouched.

In case of 3D modeling – all you need to do is to render the model and get a new high-res view in several hours.



If you really want to stand out among the competitors and have an image of top-class business high-quality images are just the right fit for you.

The technology can be used for any kind of products: cans, packages, books!

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