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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a real technological miracle but still, we are far from inventing the AI with real consciousness. Modern solutions in the area of neural networks provide a huge boost to almost all spheres of human activity. Nowadays, we use artificial intelligence in marketing, medicine, automotive industry, image processing, photography, etc. Let’s take a closer look at 10 great examples of artificial intelligence we use in our life.

1. Personal Assistants

Personal assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa make our lives easier. Those helpers are able to manage your meetings, send SMS, start phone calls, launch programs, work with maps, etc. They have voice control so you don’t need to type anything or use any special devices. Modern personal assistants are able to understand the context and intent of messages. There are solutions for your mobile device, personal computer or even smart home systems.

2. Self-Driving Cars

Leading car companies supply their self-driving solutions with numerous cameras and sensors to control the road situation around the car. Such an approach helps to keep roads safe. A tired driver can turn on autopilot and relax – he won’t be a danger for other drivers and pedestrians. On the other hand, road traffic generally consists of human drivers. Modern solutions sometimes can’t handle their unpredictable behavior, which can lead to traffic accidents.

3. Cancer Detection

Artificial intelligence helps improve the detection of pathologic diagnoses. On the example of skin cancer, modern deep learning methods detect this threat with 95% accuracy. Meanwhile, humans diagnose correctly in 85% of all cases. Combined together, human and computer analyses increase the chance of correct detection up to 99,5%.

4. “Taste” Profiles

It’s all about advertisements. Neural networks scan your actions on the web and create your individual “taste” profile: goods you like, services you visit, activities your perform, items your search, etc. It is used for targeted advertising to offer you only relevant products.

5. Smart Homes

The smart home stands for an autonomous solution with the ability to control all processes from one spot. You are able to combine various sensors, lamps, smart devices, electricity, heating into one network to create a smart home system. You can even connect voice assistants to take control over your home.

6. Eye/Face Detection

It’s a great technology for security systems. Nowadays, it’s generally used in smartphones. AI receives the image of your face or eyes, analyzes it using various factors, and makes the decision whether to unlock your device or not. In most cases, trained neural networks are ideal for this task.

7. Image Recognition

Neural networks are able to recognize certain objects on an image or video. They aren’t 100% accurate and require tons of data to train the network. The more samples you send to train the network, the more accurate it will be. The great example of image recognition is Google QuickDraw. It’s an artificial intelligence experiment, where you need to draw mentioned object and AI must guess it.

8. Video Game Bots

Some game developers start to use modern deep learning algorithms to create a decent AI for their games. Those methods allow AI to use the playing sessions’ information to become smarter. It’s a hard and slow process, but the result overwhelms those disadvantages. Old tricks stop working very fast. Players need to continuously evolve their tactics to win.

9. Jet AI Autopilot

All modern jets have autopilot system. Modern AI can be used to control the machine during the flight, adjust the target destination, etc. In most situations, human pilots need to take control over the plane only during take-off and landing. However, modern AI systems are able to deal with those tasks too.

10. Spam Filters

AI is suitable to collect and analyze spam emails. This data is used to automatically detect and manage undesirable emails. AI filters continuously learn how to detect spam by various signals, such as message content, metadata, etc. With the help of an AI, Gmail filters up to 99,9% of spam.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is a promising technology. Nowadays, we are far from creating real thinking and self-evolving artificial intelligence but we’re moving towards this goal. Modern artificial intelligence concept offers deep learning systems and neural networks, which are proved to be significantly more efficient than humans in terms of failure rate and work speed. We use those systems for dozens of prediction, image processing, and automation tasks.

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