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Suitable and convenient UI (User Interface) is an essential part of every successful website, game, application, etc. Proper UI generates positive UX (User Experience) that indicates how pleased the user is about your product.

Gladly, you don’t need to always develop UI from scratch. There are dozens of possible pre-maid UI patterns that are tailored to various purposes. You can find specific patterns for feedback forms, game controls, login forms, socials, navigation sections, etc. In this article, we’ll highlight 10 websites where you can find materials for inspiration to develop a plain new UI or implement an existing pattern in your project.

1. UI Patterns

UI Patterns is a great website that combines huge design patterns library, case blog, and pattern shop. There are more than 16,000 sample screenshots for additional inspiration. You are able to surf through the wide collection of UI patterns to find the exact suitable one. Choose between various categories like navigation, social, game mechanics, feedback to understand what UI patterns may fit perfectly each particular purpose.

2. UI Garage

UI Garage is a perfect match for finding inspiration to create brand new ideas or find existing UI patterns that you can use in your website design. Pattern collection is split into different categories. There are design patterns for a desktop product as well as offers for IOS and Android applications.


This website is more about art than ordinary patterns archive. This is a perfect place to find creative ideas you can use in your products. You are free to surf through website’s collection and study various original patterns that could be implemented in real projects. There is also a dynamic poll called “Site of the day” where users choose best practices for websites every day. Each score consists of separate marks for design, usability, creativity, content, and developer. You can use these scores to understand how to create your own catchy UI design.

4. Designing Interfaces

Designing Interfaces is a digital book about interface and interaction design. There you can find real examples for desktop applications, suitable interfaces for mobile devices, web pages, and applications. You’ll get recommendations about the most popular patterns you can use in your projects, how to develop your own memorizable interface and tailor it to your needs.


Welie website offers great pattern library grouped by certain purposes. You are free to choose between patterns for navigation, searching, shopping, booking, personalizing, dealing with data, etc. There are also designs that could help the application to communicate better with the user. The website also provides a bunch of useful tips and tricks for designers that are using Visio in their work.

6. Pttrns

This website helps you to pick up an outstanding UI pattern for your mobile application. Choose between IOS and Android designs, surf through the huge variety of categories to fulfill your needs or use tags to find the exact same tool you need for your product.

7. Site Inspire

Use this website to find a fancy web and interactive design. Your desired pattern may be based on different styles, subjects, and types. It’s also an option to choose the design related to a specific platform – Shopify, Tumblr, Squarespace, etc.

8. Collect UI

Use more than 14,000 designs for inspiration and create an outstanding UI for your products. Join the community of more than 4,000 designers and post your own ideas on the website. Use filters to specify the requirements to your ideal design. This website represents a great live archive with everyday ideas to generate better UX.

9. UI Movement

It’s a live platform that helps to find out best UI animations. You are free to surf through a huge library and pick up ideas for your buttons, calendars, charts/graphs, chats, etc. The animated design makes your product more live and dynamic. It also increases UX and general visual appearance.

10. Nicely Done

As well as ordinary pattern library, Nicely Done has its own store, where you can purchase pre-made designs for various purposes like CRM, e-learning, finance, machine learning, big data, accounting, analytics, etc.

UI is an extremely important part of every product. In the web, mobile or desktop application, websites or games poor UI can spoil the entire project. That’s why the proper interface is a must for every successful product. UI patterns can grant you the required inspiration to create your own design. On the other hand, you can implement the basic pattern in your product and it’ll still work fine.

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